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by Cord Bauer 07 Oct 2015
We're at the beginning stages of two really exciting builds; We've teamed up with V8 Roadsters to produce the first two V6-powered Catfish! The East Coast version will start out as a Naked Cat, and will be an in-house build by V8 Roasters in Tampa, Florida. Our West Coast build will be a complete Catfish body, and will have a heavy emphasis on track driving. The finished cars will end up with the full grab bag of V8 Roadster offerings: tubular K-member with custom V6 engine placement, custom oil pan, custom wiring with re-flashed ecu, V8 Roadster tubular a-arms with full heim joint adjustability, tubular rear subassembly that holds the stronger Getrag differential and V8 Roadster's big brake kit, because these cars will need big brakes! It's quite possible that these Catfish may end up without any Mazda parts at all. Why all this work? The new V6 "LFX" engine from GM is cheap and readily available. In a Camaro they put out 323hp using SAE standard testing, and in real-world testing we've seen close to 300whp on pump gas and a simple tune. The LFX engines also run automatically on E85 (that's the "X" designation in LFX), and we've already seen horspower figures in the low 300's, again with a stock engine and a light tune. This engine and drivetrain is complete overkill when installed in a lightweight Catfish, which means years of track driving fun without stressing about any of the running gear. Did I mention light weight? The Miata test mule that houses the first LFX swap (and all the V8 Roadster goodies) actually LOST 35lbs over a stock Miata when the swap was finished. Impressive. Even more impressive is the efficiency of the package--30mpg combined fuel mileage. Watch these pages and our Facebook feed for more pictures and information about this swap. The good news is that the heavy lifting is done--you can order you Naked Cat or full-body Catfish now for end of summer delivery, and it will have the needed frame changes for the swap. V8 Roadsters has everything else you'll need to turn your Catfish into a V6 menace. Vital Stats: Engine: GM "LFX" all-aluminum V6, 3.6 liter Direct Injection, E85 Flex-Fuel capable Variable Valve Timing, Timing Chain (not belt) Forged crank shaft, Sintered metal con-rods 323 horsepower, 278lb/ft torque Available in 2012-2015 Camaro, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CTS/SRX, Chevy Caprice, Impala
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