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New Year, New Direction

by Cord Bauer 29 Dec 2019

There are lots of changes in store for us as we head into the New Year and New Decade. While the new bodywork for the CFR Catfish has been made, it's finally time to officially stop production of the Catfish. The car was always meant to be a "bucket list" project, with only two or three examples made. However, we made a few good friends over the course of the 20-odd cars that have been sold, and have probably discouraged a higher number than that to not buy the car, simply because it wasn't a perfect fit for them or we couldn't spend the time needed with them on their potential builds.

However, we still have all the molds, drawings, CAD files and shelves of supporting parts. We've talked to one or two companies who are interested in continuing the Catfish production. So while we can say that our production has ended for the Catfish, we can't say that none will ever be built again.

Thanks to everyone who have followed our builds. Your enthusiasm has kept this car alive, and I truly thank my customers for taking this journey with me.

Happy New Year!

Cord Bauer

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