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Naked Cat Spotted

by Cord Bauer 17 Jun 2015
While the Naked version of the Catfish is available, it's not yet on the "menu". That's because some of the details of the car are still being worked out. The frame you see here however is the final design, and is also available with a full cage or a single roll hoop. The detail work involves building the Naked Catfish so that it can be transformed into a full-body Catfish with the least amount of custom parts. Fewer custom parts = less expense. We're also building some speedy but simple Naked bodywork for those who want a Naked Cat as their ultimate car. What's new?
  • Price. This car is intended to sell for half of a Catfish, depending on options, and is available now. The "other half" of the purchase is for bodywork, interior, lighting, and all the other parts that would make this car a true full-body Catfish. Contact us for details.
  • Dual bumper bars in front for a car that's intended for lots of track use
  • Dual bumper bars in back for all the cars that find out your brakes work much better than theirs
  • a new gas tank position that loads the fuel sock in all the highest g-loaded corners
  • a new radiator mounting system (shown in CAD) that forces air through the radiator while directing air to the sides of the car
  • Build time. You'll have a "roller" on the first day, and will be prepping for your first drive in about 60-75 hours.
This particular frame is special, as it will house an engine that's still a closely-guarded secret. Parts are being gathered from the best sources, and when finished the only Mazda-derived part may be the steering rack. Estimated power to weight ratio, 5:1, with driver.
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